Friday, January 23, 2015


I like having a destination when I take on a journey. Each year I have a focus on what I want to accomplish. Except for my first race season. That one was spent cursing the idea to run followed by the Internet search for the next race to sign up for.

My goals are simple. First goal is to not injure myself again. In order to do that I will cut down the quantity of my races.  May 24th is the date of my first marathon.  Tomorrow will be my first long run in a while. I am aiming for 6 miles and hope everything goes well. Still not totally jazzed about running but holding on to the dream.

I am a giddy like a schoolgirl about my next goal. Spartan Canada just announced an Ultra Beast at Mont-Ste-Marie on August 8. I was going to forgo that venue, my favourite one, because of other engagements of the nerd kind. Now, not only do I get to go to my favourite venue, it’s an Ultra Beast!!! The Ultra Beast is the marathon distance Spartan Race. I am sure this will be grueling but it will help me assess my chances at the Vermont Ultra Beast.

The Vermont Ultra Beast and I have some things to settle. It’s still something that is incomplete.  You can read about that here. I still have part of my corps to loot up on that mountain and only completing the Ultra Beast there will accomplish that.  This year it’s not about 500 Medals, it’s not about Points, it’s about this one race. I dug out my green armband they gave us at my first attempt. I’m going to wear it and use it like Mario uses mushrooms. That doesn’t really work but I think I conveyed the illusion of powering up? Maybe?

I have other goals that aren’t race related. Please contain your shocked face. I want to work on getting more certification for my Crossfit coaching. Also I am trying to open an Etsy shop to sell my sewn and crafted goods. Oh and stay tuned for the Charity work I'll be helping the Canadian Mudd Queens with!!

 The fire in my belly, and under my ass, is lit. I’m looking forward to crushing these goals!!!

2015 is the year I complete what I started.

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